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Most of us can appreciate a solid budget, but for most of us, our budgets are so tight they squeak! Keeping a tight budget and sticking to it is a must, particularly in today’s economic climate.

However, if you are on a budget, and unexpected expenses arise, where do you turn? For many of us, pulling out a credit card is no longer an option. And who wants to ask friends and family for help?

When the Budget Does Not Stretch Far Enough

There are many occasions during which you may need extra cash:

• You are moving into a new home and your security deposit is due.
• You are moving into a new home and you must pay to turn on all of your utilities.
• Your car broke down and you need costly repairs in order to get back up and running.
• Your car broke down and you need your car back ASAP or else you can’t get back and forth to work.
• Your college-bound child needs a host of school supplies before he leaves for college next week.
• Your son needs new shoes to play basketball – and basketball season starts tomorrow!
• You are late paying last month’s rent and your landlord is threatening eviction.
• Your gas bill is long overdue and the gas company is threatening to turn off your service.
• You must help your long-distance family member during a difficult time and you need travel expenses.

As you can see, life happens all the time, at the seemingly worse moments! However, if you know you must tend to certain financial obligations, but your paycheck is still days or weeks away, your options may be limited – but they don’t have to be.